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What pencils do you use?

I use Faber Castell Polychromo Artist’s Colour Pencils. Quite a mouthful. But don’t chew on them, they are too expensive. My set came from Amazon UK(AL), when it was on offer. I think under £25 is a good price for the box of 24 pencils.

Normally I colour in front of the tele in the evenings with my pencils laid out beside me. Sometimes it is ambushed by an unhelpful cat who insists that plonking his bum down in the middle of the tin IS SUPER COMFY. It is lies.

How many pencils should I buy to start out?

I would buy a set of 24 pencils. I would then buy some single pencils to add to them. The set of 24 doesn’t come with a Caucasian flesh colour. I would buy a beige red, to cover that angle. Beige Red used to be called “Light Flesh”.

I would also buy several more white pencils, you use them faster than the other colours, and much much faster if you intend to colour on coloured card stock. As and example, I do a new pencil order every couple of months. I replace approx 20 coloured pencils and ten white pencils in each order. It costs between £25 and £35 pounds, ouch! And that’s a cheap option!

Here is a chart showing all the (old) colour names and which boxed set they come in.

I buy all my single pencils from Cult Pens, and can highly recommend them if you are in the UK.

What blending solution do you use?

I don’t use any of the liquid blenders. I prefer to use a Derwent blending pencil. I got mine in a set with some burnishers from Amazon(AL). Mainly I blend with my white pencil.

What sharpener do you use?

Currently I am working my way through a hundred cheap plastic kids-party-favour sharpeners (AL). I have tried ALL the sharpeners, and none are good for polychromos, ignore the advice from others on this, they don’t use polychromos! I will do a post at some point just discussing sharpeners and my sharpener grave yard. I cannot find an electric sharpener that copes with the oil in polychromos. Whilst running a normal pencil through the machine helps, its a short term thing, eventually they all just give up the ghost or require you to buy endless new sharp blades. Which is why I am on cheap plastic sharpeners and am looking for an ecologically friendly equivalent.

Why are polychromos better than…*insert brand here*….?

I am not going to claim that Polychromos are better than any other brand, they are just my preferred brand. I like being able to mix colours like paint on my drawing, I like the smooth finish at the end of my colouring, I like using white almost like a resist for fur, they just suit me. Unlike a lot of other pencils they are oil based, rather than wax. They do not suffer from a wax bloom, they are easier to keep with a sharp point and they don’t need burnishing. I have tried all the other pencil types I think, and I have tried mixing them (perfectly possible with wax and oil bases) and now I just accept polys are my fav friend.

How do you colour fur?

I colour fur the same way, whether on white or coloured card. I always make a first layer in white pencil from the bottom to the top, following the contours of the shape. It’s hard to explain in words, so I have a little demo post here that shows you what I do. You are welcome to follow it and ask for help on any stamp, but I also have the bunny stamp at a reduced price in my shop if you want to use him.

How do you colour knitting?

Quickly and in a scribbly fashion! I have done a photo demo of how I do it, which you can find here and if you would like to use the same cat in a sweater that I did, it’s available for a discounted price here.

Also I try to do some progression photos on my blog posts, to help people who want a less wordy visual idea of how to try out my method.

How do you colour scales?

Coming soon! Going to add this as a Youtube video I hope.

How do you colour skin?

Coming soon! Working on a Youtube video atm.

Where do you buy your pencils from? (UK)

Cult pens! Excellent products and customer service. Plus every order comes with free sweets and often super cute paper clips etc.

What paper do you use? What kind of Kraft card are you using? Where can I buy it?

I use a smooth kraft card stock called “Hessian Buff”… Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere currently stocking it for sale. I buy it directly in large batches from the supplier. So Yes, I could buy it to sell on, so let me know if you would be interested.

The Buff Smooth Card 260gsm from Papermill Direct is a good dupe.

Are you going to do videos?

Yes, I want to, I want to get at least one personal video live this year (2021). My channel is currently empty but if you want to subscribe in advance it is here!

I have done a few lives on facebook and youtube, you can see links to them on the tutorials page – here. (Using Word to use digistamps, colouring fur and knit texture.)

Currently I am aiming to record videos on fur, skin, warty skin, knitting texture, fish tails and quick eyes. Message me if you would like to add something to that list!

Where can I buy your cards?

I post almost all my makes on my Cartway Cards Facebook page. Follow me on that and then send me a message if you would like to buy any of the cards I colour and share online. I also make commissioned cards to a customers theme, so that’s an option too!

Will you/Knitty Kitty Digis sponsor my challenge?

Nope. Sorry. I have sponsored challenges for a number of years and it’s not been a great experience. I’m having a break from it. Sorry to the great organisers and design teams, you are being penalised due to the not so great organisers and design teams, blame them not me!

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